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Xmart Village Cibeusi

Surrounded by beautiful green rice field, Cibeusi Village is one of few village in West Java who still preserve their traditional value. Located on Subang city, Cibeusi is one of tourist favourite destination because of its close proximity with Ciater hot spring. Located on a valley, Cibeusi makes a great photo spot for those who partake in photography as a hobby. One of Cibeusi speciality is their rice field experience. Tourist will be able to experience how it feels to become Indonesian traditional farmer by tending the rice field themselves, and also cleaning up the ox which we used to plow the rice field. Cibeusi also still perform various kind of traditional performing arts, such as Bangpret—short name for Terbang dan Tarompet (literally translated to Flying and Trumpet in English), which is only performed when there are guests coming to the village. Even though Cibeusi has its own beauty, their potential remains unknown because they have problems in sounding their own village’s main attractions. To help Cibeusi voice their existence to the public, XL already gave them a number of trainings such as online shop management, vlog, logo design, and e-book writing.



The traditional musical ensemble were influenced by Islamic values, especially poetry and lyrics. Bangpret was performed using a traditional instruments, tarompet and an instrument similar to tambourine. Nowadays, Bangpret is quite difficult to find. But in Cibeusi, just go to Kampung Senyum. .

Hidden in the forest, the 40-meter high Waterfalls is surrounded by a beautiful scenery. It is believed that the water contains nutritious ingredients that can cure any diseases when you take a shower with it.

Experience farming at Cibeusi, from planting, plowing, even bathing a water buffalo. When you’re feeling hungry, have a taste of black rice, teh culinary flagship of Cibeusi.


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