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Xmart Village Batu Loceng

Located on Suntenjaya Village, West Lembang, Batu Loceng is the home of the renowned Java Preanger coffee. Batu Loceng itself was named after one of its famous site—a bell shaped stone which was already existed since the age of Padjadjaran Kingdom, thus the name: Batu Loceng (Stone Bell). Coffee is not the only product of Batu Loceng, there’s also several kinds of vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, cabbage, tomato, chilli pepper, onion, avocado, and lime. We can also find a good quality of dairy products here for a cheap price: 12.000 rupiah/litre. Batu Loceng is very proud of their Sundanese culture and tradition. They tried to preserve their culture by creating an organization called ‘Kabuyutan Sri Sunda’. The organization attempts to protect their culture through events and free classes for those who wants to learn about Sundanese traditional performing arts such as Karinding, Wayang Golek, Karawitan, etc. Either you’re a coffee lover, or looking for a place to satisfy your curiosity about Sundanese culture, look no further because Batu Loceng is the place to go.



Located in between Dergani and Bukitunggul, the bell-shaped stone had existed since the days of Padjajaran Kingdom ruled the land. It is believed that the stone has the ablity to emit light and sound similar to a bell. Throughout the site, there’s also another legendary stone called the Kujang stone with 5 meter tombs on the side.

The pride of Batu Loceng, Java Preanger Coffee is cultivated in the area. The infamous coffee has a lot of fans due to its typical aroma and slight sour taste.

In todays hyper-modern era, it’s rare to see the kind of people who preserve and applies traditional culture in everday life. But in Batu Loceng, a foundation named Kabuyutan Sri Sunda were fully aware of the importance of maintaining the culture and local wisdom. To fulfill such noble intentions, Kabuyutan regularly hold cultural festival called “Hajat Lembur” and hermitage to teach Sundanese traditional arts such as Marionette Puppet, Karawitan and so forth.

Next to Java Preanger Coffee, Batu Loceng also produce a good quality of milk and other vegetables, such as cabbage, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and broccoli. There’s also avocado and lime. In Batu Loceng, you can taste pure cow’s milk that are milked directly. The price is very reasonable, only 12.000 rupiah/litre.


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